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Water Taste & Smell

Water should be tasteless, clear and odourless.  Some people recognise that their water isn’t adequate quantity.  The taste and smell of the water is one the first indication that it isn’t. Other people have become so used to the town water that they don’t even notice its poor quality until they drink pure water from another source. 

Bad taste and odour occurs for a number of reasons.  The main cause, that effects most people, is the chlorination of the water supply.  Chlorine is a compound that isn’t stable it changes its chemical composition if the temperature rises over 25oC. These chemical changes cause the chlorine to create a bad smell and taste. 

Organic compounds can be another reason for why water might smell and taste bad.  Microorganisms such as algae and bacteria can cause this problem.   They expel waste or degrade when they die.  This changes the quality of water, which we can recognise as bad taste and smell.  Filtrations systems remove the compounds that cause this problem making water taste and smell pure.  

Great Water Filters sell a range of water filtration systems that will remove the contaminants that cause your drinking water to taste and smell bad.